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    I listed a shotgun for sale here and on xxxxxxxxxx I got a call from a guy that wanted it. He lived about 100 miles from me. He said he wanted it shipped to his FFL. I asked for money for the gun plus shipping. He said he wanted to send me a cashier's check!! He would pay for every thing I wanted plus put extra money in the check. I'm thinking why would he put extra money in the check. I got a little nervous because somebody 2 years ago wanted to do the same thing for a refrigerator I was trying to sell. I asked him to give me a phone number. He didn't send it. Then I wrote back telling him to put the mail in an overnight and put in Cash!! He never got back to me at all. Be real careful if somebody wants to give you a cashier's check. He's probably a crook!!!!!!!!

    Here's a copy of the Email!

    May 7, 2020, 10:55 AM (5 days ago)
    Message from:xxxxxxxxxxxx Message regarding: "ALMOST NEW BROWNING BT-99 PLUS SIGNATURE" Hi is the gun still available for sale? I'm interested. Check o

    Capt. Duane Neighbors May 7, 2020, 1:10 PM (5 days ago)
    yes it's still available

    Phillip Wayne Hatcher May 7, 2020, 1:15 PM (5 days ago)
    Hi. What is the condition? does it have any faults or defects whatsoever? I am in Citrus Springs FL. I have an FFL to receive it for me if you are willing to sh

    Capt. Duane Neighbors May 7, 2020, 1:25 PM (5 days ago)
    I live in Redington Shores next to St. Petersburg. The Gun is in like new condition! It will probable cost about $60. to ship it anywhere. I need to box it and

    Capt. Duane Neighbors May 7, 2020, 1:26 PM (5 days ago)
    Phil, You can call me if you want 727-643-8891

    Phillip Wayne Hatcher May 7, 2020, 1:34 PM (5 days ago)
    That's ok with me. I will mail a certified bank cashier check for payment and once the bank posts the funds which usually doesn't take more than a day. It will

    Capt. Duane Neighbors May 7, 2020, 1:41 PM (5 days ago)
    Phil, I checked your town is 119 miles from my house. 2 hour drive. I need to make sure the chek will clear. To many scams out there. I will need $1850.00 plus

    Phillip Wayne Hatcher May 7, 2020, 1:46 PM (5 days ago)
    This is 100% legit , As soon as the check clears your bank then you can proceed shipping the firearm to my FFL and kindly get back to me with your information t

    Capt. Duane Neighbors May 7, 2020, 1:53 PM (5 days ago)
    Duane Neighbors 410 182nd Ave E. Redington Shores, FL 33708 ---Phil, the check needs to be $1910.00 with the shipping cost included. I do not have the original

    Phillip Wayne Hatcher
    Thu, May 7, 2:00 PM (5 days ago)
    to me

    I appreciate you trusting me with your info and accepting my means of payment. I'm happy to know you've agreed to sell the merchandise to me, Like i said earlier l would be responsible for the shipping fees which would be included in the check as well and also there might be extra funds on the cashier check cos to avoid delay i will have a check meant for me drawn in your name and sent to you to avoid delay in the payment , so upon the clearance you will deduct the agreed price + shipping and while i will make proper arrangement on how you will get the extra funds on the payment to me, and also i want you to remove the ads from arms-list, so I'll be rest assured Its for me and will mail the cashier check out asap . Thanks again

    Capt. Duane Neighbors May 7, 2020, 2:06 PM (5 days ago)
    Phil, Give me a yor phone number. I want to talk to you persanally !

    Capt. Duane Neighbors <>
    May 7, 2020, 2:17 PM (5 days ago)
    to Phillip

    I do not want cashiers check. Put cash in Fedex overnight and send it to me!!
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  2. Gold Medal

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    I was in banking for 29 years.

    There is no such item as a certified cashier check.

    It is either one or the other, cashiers or certified.

    Also it appears he was trying to send you too much money. You were then to send him back the overage. It was probably the overage he wanted, and not the gun.

    There are scams similar to this wherein the recipient is told he has won a lot of money.

    But first, the "winner" has to send money to the scammer to get his funds released.

    You did the right thing by pushing for a phone number.
  3. Flyersarebest

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    One little problem for the “buyer”.
    He would have to send the full price of $1910.00, plus whatever “extra” he said he was going to include.

    Duane would still have the gun in his possession AND this guys money. The payment goes in the bank. Duane waits until it clears. IF it clears, Duane then ships the gun. NOTHING happens until the funds clear.

    IF there is some sort of refund Duane doesn’t send a check with his info on it he sends a USPS money order.
    Since ALL the funds cleared Duane is sending the guy back his own money

    The scamming part happens when YOU are the buyer and send money to someone that wants to sell YOU something he really doesn’t own.

    I called a dealer about 3 months ago in CO. to let him know the rifle he had sitting in his shop was for sale from some guy in NY
    The jerkoff copied the picture from the CO. dealers GB ad and posted it on Armslist. I strung him along for about 4 days before I told him about the dealer in CO. He actually had the balls to tell me that it was his rifle and he just got it back from the dealer in CO. and said to send him the money ASAP to the PO Box he gave me

    I told him sure, no problem, not only would I pay him the money but since I was going to be in that neighborhood for work I would just meet him and pay cash.

    BTW, when the emails are full of things like

    I’m interested very much in selling you gun
    thanking you so very much please be sending payment
    blessing you for talking to me
    please send payment so very quickly
    yes gun is described showing in picture
    Or, the best one
    Dear sir,
    Thanking you for buying gun. So unfortunate I am driving truck in other state so sending money please to my PO Box I gave you.

    You might want to think twice

    I’ve heard them all
  4. jansonuhl

    jansonuhl jansonuhl

    I have found best way to stop this stuff is tell person you will ship gun after the check clears HIS bank and not yours. Never fails.
  5. Just Joe

    Just Joe Administrator Staff Member

    Be clear about this please.....

    Admin deplores scammers. Please beware. If you use this site please understand there is no lifeguard. We do not supervise sales. We are not police. We do not screen sellers or buyers. We do not offer an official way to conduct a transaction. We assume you are capable of that.

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  6. Anthony W Young

    Anthony W Young Active Member

    Hi how do I get ahold of the Moderator please let me know i a possible scammer on the for sale side please let me know thanks Tony
  7. Donald piper

    Donald piper Member

    Another scam lie is when the advertise in on area and actually live somewhere else .I almost got hussled from armslist twice