Is using a VPN a proxy server

Discussion in 'Members / community please help!' started by Tom in PA, Feb 23, 2020.

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    Norton recent gave me the option to upgrade my service and it includes a VPN -virtual private network. I don't know a lot about this and was wondering if this qualifies as using a proxy server. If it is a proxy, is it a danger to the site if I'm only reading posts or do I have to post something? I can turn it off and on, just don't want to get banned or put the site at risk if I forget to turn it off. From what I see, it's off by default. Does anyone use something like this? Not sure of the pro's/con's in general. Sorry if this is a stupid question.


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    Great question Tom. VPN is a proxy server. They are taboo here. There is a time and place for those (rare in my opinion). Be very educated about using those. I think the more you learn the less you will like them. You are using another server to hide your IP address. Your information and our member info can be put at risk by doing that.

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