Why Kamala won't replace JOE

Discussion in 'Off Topic!' started by 635 G, Aug 29, 2021.

  1. 635 G

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    Once a VP, becomes Pres. , there is NO VP, the speaker is next in line--the DEMs will lose their tie breaking vote--looks like we're stuck with Joe till the 2022 elections
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  2. Cavscout107

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    good analysis!
  3. 320090T

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    Would the speaker of the house have to be vp or could a vp be appointed?
  4. 635 G

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    The speaker could be the next press., the next VP would have to be nominated by the senate--Mitch would be in the cat bird seat--best solution IMHO, Trump runs for congress in 2022, if he wins he would be a cinch to be speaker of the house--then Joe would double his depends order