Who thinks Punkin Flock and ATA HOF are safe in 2020 Illinois?

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    As a member of the National Trapshooting HOF I am very concerned about the safety of the items in the Museum at Sparta and I can't see how any thinking trap shooter (this leaves Bradford out) wouldn't be too. All you have to do is look at the crap going on in Chicago. Rioters are destroying the down town shopping district, BLM members are shooting about 100 a week, the state is basically closed and NO ATA trap shooting at the world Shooting Complex either.

    American history is being destroyed, monuments torn down and any of you that aren't concerned with Illinois owning the HOF building and being in control of our trap shooting history are dumber than even I give you credit for.

    Do all you Sparta supporters realize that every trap club in Ohio that shoots ATA targets in 2020 will have thrown more registered targets than your famous World Shooting Center?

    Just let that fact sink in Stooges, Pipe liar, ATA EC, Trap shooting HOF trustees, Lynn Gibson. Everything you have told the ATA members for the last 15 years has been proven to be bull shit. You have been proven worse lairs than CNN. And I'm supposed to be secure in the knowledge that you of the BIG BRAINS are telling me that Punkin Flock and all the other history of trap shooting is safe in the cow barn that the state of Illinois owns and holds the title for?

    I'm telling you this now on here because I'm sure I'll never see you face to face again, but if I do I'll tell you then what I really think of you. You of the HOF trustees should be the most concerned because you allowed Bradford to snowball you and your names will be the ones on the debacle when our history is spread out in some Illinois government redistribution of wealth, you were warned by us nay sayers on what would happen and I will remember your names and faces as I know you will remember mine. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Punkin I tried my best, I hope your safe.
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    Where is the old Punkin thread? Is she protected?
  3. Black Magic

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    I called the HOF today. It rang busy all day. Ironic?
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  4. Roger Coveleskie

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    We need a hall of shame. Who would you recomend the fisrt inductee should be?
    I would like to nominate; Jim Bradford. do I have a second? Roger C.
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    I went in the WSRC web site today. The 2021 Grand and AIM shoot is not listed on the calendar of events. That struck me as odd as the dates are already known. Am I being a conspiracy theorist? I just don;t trust Illinois politics.
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    It is the Illinois politicians you don’t trust? Interesting view.
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    Are we permitted in the HOF building to check on Punkin?
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    Not sure any of the public has been in that building in over a year .

    I still say that the BOT should vote to get some of the things out of there and on display at a place where shooters will be able to see them.

    But, I don't think my favorite museum at The CC has much more room.

    What a shame ~~~
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    The State of Illinois is in dire straights in more ways than you can count and it is not getting any better, on top of that the Corona Virus is only making things worse ... The ATA has deteriorated dramatically over the past 15 plus years, the only highlight being the moving of the grand to a more appealing location (Linn Creek, Mo) for 2020 .... With any kind of luck that move will prove to be a positive move for the Association as well as the Facility ... The last time I checked out the State of Illinois web site I could not find any mention of the State Parks, IDNR, and other recreational activity's that exist which does not come as a surprise with all of the problems the States is facing from a financial stand point ...
    I do not know the best way to go about getting the artifacts that are housed in the HOF building released and moved to a more suitable location for the sake of preservation and existence into the future, but there has to be a way ... Petitions don't work, we know that so are there any suggestions ..? The Members (especially the HOF Members) should be able to make the call or at least have some say so on something of that nature, one would think ... I can see where there would be major cause for concern based on the way things have gone to date ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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    i second that.
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