What if Biden bans ARs and semi autos?

Discussion in 'Off Topic!' started by Fargo2, Feb 20, 2021.

  1. Fargo2

    Fargo2 Well-Known Member

    Will the value of them go up?
  2. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    Only if u, sell them on Gang Bangers.com
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  3. Willbaforce

    Willbaforce Active Member

    Who wants a gun that has been banned ? The prices will be ground low.
  4. Flyersarebest

    Flyersarebest Moderator Forum Leader Founding Member

    Sure will be a LOT of boating accidents.

    BRAD DYSINGER The Philosophist Member Trapshooting Hall of Fame Member State Hall of Fame Founding Member

    Yes especially when they send someone to pick them up.
  6. Willbaforce

    Willbaforce Active Member

    Banning all semi autos and AR's won't be much of a hassle for biden and dems but the problem is enforcing the law. Door to door check will only end in violence on both sides.
  7. Maser

    Maser ∞ Based ∞

    Why would the most popular rifle in America go up in value? In order for something to go up in value, it has to be either rare or one of a kind. If anything I've seen ARs go down in value. I know some folks will use the '86 MG ban as an example for how guns go up in value, but I don't feel that's the case here. Machine guns prior to the ban were nowhere near as popular as ARs have become. Personally I don't get the obsession with the AR on both sides of the argument, but then again I'm an AK guy so that's probably why. :D
  8. The Phantom

    The Phantom Village Idiot Village Idiot Forum Leader

    The value found in an AR is not in its retail or resale cost, but in its functional efficiency.
  9. The Phantom

    The Phantom Village Idiot Village Idiot Forum Leader

    I've done my best to try to forget about all of that old stuff. But, I'll promise you this, if I had one of the real ones in my hands again, it wouldn't take me long to remember how to make it go bang. I could even make it go bang a bunch of times.