Trump Antifa and Black Lives Matter

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    I know Trump says not to confront these thugs. But don’t you just want to go out and give these bullies an ass kicking!
  2. Maser

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    I'd rather beat the hell out of their parents for creating them monsters.
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  3. wpt

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    People are going to get fed up with their Bull shit and when the shit hits the fan they will cry foul like they are being picked on ... I can't get over White people protesting other white folks for being white, have no idea what that BS is all about ... ALL LIVES MATTER to me and any body who don't like that can pound sand up their ass's ... I respect ALL men and women until they give me give me a reason not to, if and when that happens there is no redemption and I do not care what the color of your skin is so it has no bearing on it ... WPT ... (YAC) ...

    Trump/ Pence 2020 Keep America Great ...
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  4. ljutic329

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    We don't have this problem in our town.

    If they organized and started any trouble or destruction, they know we are armed and will blow their ass off without hesitation.

    We're a Republican community. The 'crat's we have hold a very low profile.
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  5. rookieshooter

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    Those SOB's came to Greenville, Ohio where a bunch of armed camo clad hunters were at one end of town, some hard core biker boys on another side and just ''good ol'e boys on another problem at all, they just left.
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