Those numbers for Biden?

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    The media would have you believe more people voted for Biden than any other president in history. He had that much enthusiasm!

    I am calling bullshit.
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    So is Rudy.
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    Ohio and Florida show Trumps real support. These two states were always called the bell weather states to win the presidency, no mention at all this year. Neither state had dems running them so cheating was not on t he ticket.

    We need to boycott all dems and liberals. I will not do business with them and have declared any of my relatives, a couple of my wiles siblings come to mind, dead to me. No Biden voters allowed at Thorn Bottom Hunting. If any gun owner voted for him I can't trust them with a vote how could I trust them with a gun?
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    The truth will come out, Trump in no way lost based on his following and his accomplishments even with the democrats trying to keep him from getting things done ... There is a lot more to it than we are being told, hope Trump goes after them like as Pitbull with PMS to get it sorted out ... Biden and Harris had to know the fix was in based on the laid back attitudes they had all along with no people showing up for their rally's .... Now more than ever keep em locked and loaded for when the shit hits the fan ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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    The cheating and fraud didn't happen nearly as bad in 2016 because they thought Hillary getting elected instead of Trump was a give, This year they knew JB and the HO didn't have a chance so they used every dirty trick in the book. I will never recognize Joe and the Ho as POTUS and his Vice.
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    I guess Santa Clause will be called a racist this year.

    Can't go around saying Ho, Ho, Ho!