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    The first over-under that I ever bought turned out to be s very low number Browning Superposed (S/N 944P). The auction made no mention of the age of the gun, or really much else. They sold it as your standard Superposed with no distinguishing features. I would like to get the opinions of the experts on this board with regards to what I have. How early is the gun? What does the “P” stand for? What is the marketability of such a gun? What is the current value in today’s market? How many were made that year? I apologize for the ignorance but old shotguns are outside my wheelhouse. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. IMG_2808.jpeg IMG_2806.jpeg

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    and of course my browning ref book is 500 miles from me!
    go on line and see if matt eastmans book is on pdf file. itll have your answer. good luck.