THIS is why they named it DICK'S

Discussion in 'Report the Bastards!' started by Flyersarebest, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Flyersarebest

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    For all the guys that still buy ANYTHING from this place the headline reads,

    Dick's removing guns from another 144 stores.

    You can google it to read the whole story but this is just a little excerpt from there,

    "When Dick's pulled large-capacity magazines and rifles from stores in 2018, Stack said he knew the company would take a hit. In Stack's book released in October, the CEO said about 65 employees "quit right away in protest, and more followed in later weeks." Sales also dropped in subsequent quarters, as the company predicted. It actually destroyed about $5 million worth of rifles in inventory to make sure they didn't get back on the market."

    Well, aren't WE just special?

    Praise to the 65+ employees that quit. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision.

    I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from them if it was buy 1 and get 100 free.
  2. Ga.trapshooter

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    Can i get an amen !!!!!!!
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  3. 635 G

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    IN Spades--frookem --amen
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  4. BAMA

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    Academy is my sporting goods retailer of choice.
  5. Flyersarebest

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    Don't forget, the Field & Stream stores are owned by the same outfit.

    How nice for them huh? Look politically correct for the soccer moms in one branch and then sell to the guys that want to buy guns and ammo at the other.

    Hey F&S, screw you too
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  6. bpd20

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    I haven't bought a thing at a Dick's Store in over 10 years. I also do not shop in their stores----ever!
    If it meant doing without something or buy there, I would do without. Hope they fold.
  7. Remshooter

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    There is a reason that people say : Go to Dick's and get the shaft.

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  8. Otis B. Driftwood

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    They were ok when they first opened. They sure suck now!
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  9. Donald piper

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    They lost Reebok few years ago ,wonder if they are trying to ruin the own self ?
  10. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    never liked them. never bought anything from them either.
  11. pump gun guy

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    Being a shooter and giving Dick's business is like a chicken supporting Col. Sanders ! They are anti gun and anti 2nd amendment !
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