They're greasing the skids for Biden

Discussion in 'Off Topic!' started by 635 G, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. 635 G

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    Wow, one month in office and they're questioning Biden's control of the "nuclear football" , IMHO, if he last 6 months it will be a lot. Get ready for the 25th amendment.
    The Dem's had this plan all along.

    Maybe in future elections the should be a real physical/mental exam prior to a Presidential election.
  2. nickthanos

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    I think everyone guessed 2 years for Biden, and then HELLO president Harris. The first Jamaicin/Indian brown President.
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  3. Flyersarebest

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    The 2 year mark is the trigger. In the demorat perfect world harris could finish slojoe's term THEN run again for two more.

    They get all tingly thinking she would be the POTUS for 10 years.

    A pipe dream but that is their wish.