Thank You Porsche

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  1. 635 G

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    My wife broke her femur 12 weeks ago. Went to see her surgeon Wed and was given the all clear to resume normal activities-- Down the road from her doc's location is a a Porsche dealership.
    My wife's current car is a 2018 MB SL with a whole 20K miles on it & she is starting to get that new car itch--it returns about every 3 years.

    The salesman brought over a Porsche for her to try out-well she couldn't depress the button on top of the shifter to get it out of park--thank you Porsche for saving me $$$$$.

    Hope she gets the Bentley Continental off her brain--that will cost me $$$$$$$$$$--hope Bentley uses the same controls as Porsche
  2. bobski

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    oh the days of sports imports. glad i grew out of that phase of life.
    lesabre life is for me.
  3. 635 G

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    Two signs of old age---

    1) the cops start to look like kids

    2) Buicks start to become attractive
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  4. 320090T

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    I bought a Buick, nice cars!
  5. Bigboy

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    Minimum age to own a Buick is 60..Had a couple back in the day. (Electra 225.) They are good cars.
  6. Flyersarebest

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    Ahh, the deuce and a quarter. Like driving your living room couch around. My running(drinking) buddy had a black 1972, white landau roof. 1 of six that he and 5 friends bought all at the same time from the same salesman. The 6 of them walked in together and they picked different colors.

    Fun days, and nights.
  7. 635 G

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    My best sex-mobile was a 1959 Olds 98 convertible, scored more home runs in that car than Mickey Mantle--but knowing what I know today --that POS was a death trap-- my current car is a Benz station wagon-- too bad - the only stiff things these days is my back in the morning