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    I purchased a used Wenig stock. Went to their trailer at the NSSA world shoot and ask for an adjustment. Luke made anany adjustmentioned in the stock and recommend a change in my gun mount. Shot my best 410 score in years
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    Damn spell check lol
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    OK, so what did Luke do? I could use a good skeet score also.
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    He changed my comb height, but the biggest change was to change drop and angle of the adjustable butt plate
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    Their New American stock is awesome.
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    Just came across this post and was reminded of my experience with having a stock custom fit, finished, and checkered by Wenig several years ago. The back story is I had a Krieghoff K32 San Remo. After speaking with a friend who had several stocks made by Wenig for many guns, and who knew Fred personally, I made the trip to their workshop. I had found a very nice piece of wood on eBay for a quite reasonable price and I brought the rough stock and forearm blanks with me to have them used rather than buy a piece of wood from them. Here’s where it gets interesting. You will notice on the invoice I’ve attached that Wenig “graded” my stock and forearm blanks and assigned a value that they would normally charge. He then allowed a “credit” of $600 against what he would charge for one of his blanks. The way I see it it amounted to me paying $1,990 for his stock and forearm blank less the $600 discount he allowed even though they used my wood. In essence I was charged $1,390 for a stock I didn’t get. 2A4DE9A9-202F-4030-AC59-D84A77F1325D.jpeg

    I don’t mean to insinuate that the work was unacceptable, quite the opposite. The wood to metal fit was excellent, the checkering was outstanding, and the gun fits me perfectly. However, I’ve always felt like I was overcharged $1,390. Am I looking at this wrong ? Do all custom stock makers charge this way ? My assumption using my stock blanks would result in my being charged for fitting, inletting, checkering, and finishing only. Anyone else experienced anything like this ?
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    I would only recommend that place to dire enemies. And I most certainly will NEVER do any business with them again.
    JMO of course
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    It appears you got charged for your own wood or for the pleasure of doing business with Wenig , I would call him on it and get a detailed explanation of the changes, cost etc ... There is no stock maker so good he can charge you for your own wood ... WPT ... (YAC) ....

    That amount should of been deducted not added ... ( for the wood ) ... (02/22/08 ) ..? Statutes of Limitations are long past on that deal ... Be Alert, America needs more Lerts ...
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    Amboy49 - I agree That is total BS. I would not pay that. I would have asked for my blanks back and gone to a different stock maker.
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    Nothing but positive experience with Wenig on two stocks. Quick turn, great workmanship and finished as requested. Priced as quoted, not cheap but not over the top pricing. I understand they don’t want to warranty someone else’s blanks, wood is finicky and to maintain a scalable operation that actually delivers as quoted they want to ensure there blank Standards and of course profit. There are plenty of smaller and great craftsman that will work with cust provided blanks.