SCTP Headquarters Building at Cardinal Center - Huge - PICTURES

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  1. Family Guy

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    This is the SCTP Building. Front, end, and back side. It is between the pistol and rifle berms. Next to Lapua.




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  2. Don Cogan

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    Wow! These pictures couldn’t come at a better time. What a great reminder that there is something going on in the world not related to a virus or protests or anything political. Just a great place being built to house an organization dedicated to promoting youth shooting. Thanks for the pictures! Can’t wait to see it in person.
  3. Ken Cerney

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    Looks a whole lot better than the HOF building at Sparta
  4. History Seeker

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    I'll be willing to venture a guess it didn't cost Mr. Fishburn, OR the ATA members 2.5 million to build either.

    Remember, the ATA GAVE away $250,000.oo for that Sparta horse barn without any of us knowing about it in advance.
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  5. wpt

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    Impressive ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
  6. trapshooter47

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    That’s great, they will appreciate it and that will keep them coming back. A little gesture of appreciation goes a long way.
  7. cl3

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    Looks very weathered!