Pat Owens lost to Cancer this morning.

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  1. T Jordan

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    Pat was battling a tumor in his right lung last time I talked to him a few weeks ago he said the treatment was working and he was hopeful.

    He was a great friend and squad mate in many Grands.

    RIP Pat. SDC10702.JPG
  2. ljutic329

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    I can tell by his smile he was a fine man.

    BRAD DYSINGER The Philosophist Member Trapshooting Hall of Fame Founding Member Member State Hall of Fame

    One of the good guys, I spent a lot of time talking ATA with him over the years.
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  4. rookieshooter

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    Pat lived only a few miles from me. He was over my house only a few weeks ago talking shooting and our mutual love of drag racing which we both loved and raced back in the 70's. He was confident that he could beat the cancer.
    Just got off the phone talking to his wonderful wife Helen a few minutes ago letting her know that my wife and I will help in any way we can.
    He was one of my best friends for close to 50 years.
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  5. Robert Zimmerman

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    Rip Pat
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  6. robb

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    Great guy
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  7. jastrapmaster

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    A BIG loss to the trapshooting world......Pat was a wealth of knowledge about shooting. RIP my friend.
    Jeff Sparks
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  8. dfwip9x

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    Spent SO many years shooting with Pat and Helen Tuesday nights in Erie County. Pat always let me hang out in the Zoli building during the State shoot to cool off. Pat was the first one to call me when I ran my first 100 straight. I knew the end was near when Helen told me last night he was place on comfort care only. We lost one of the good ones today....
  9. dr.longshot

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    Pat Owens was always around Trapshooters, and worked for several Dealers, may God be with Pat & Helen and be in the comforting Arms of God

    Gary Bryant
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  10. T Jordan

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    Jaqua's was known for some amazing shoots and really great targets. Pat set them there for many years and at other clubs too. He could fix Pat traps before the rest of us even knew what they were. In 2009 we both broke 99's from 27 yards in the same squad at the Grand. We talked a lot during the Covid shut down I am really upset I could not get to see him when he was battling Cancer. Helen said he went fast, the radiation cooked his lungs too much. They could not keep his oxygen levels up and they lost him.

    RIP Pat.