Now, This is a Gun Room

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    My Flyer shooting buddy is almost finished with his room. He actually put an addition on his already large house so he figured why not a space for his collection. This is a lifetime of collecting. There are five walls for the hanging pieces and one that has shelves and display cases.

    Around 210 so far but he has some empty spaces that he said needed filled. He was just in Cody and picked up 3 more old Winchester .22's. Every one of these is 98% or better. He is also an accomplished wood worker. He built that cleaning station out of Cherry and Walnut.

    Nice, to say the least IMG_8922.JPG

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  2. bobski

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    I had one like that back in the 90's. all shotguns. then I got married. ask him if he wants john olins model 50's. id be glad to send them his way. cody lettered.
  3. wpt

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    I'm jealous .... Magnificent ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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    WOW !!!

    Makes mine look puny.

    Great Collection for sure !
  5. Flyersarebest

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    I will ask and if he is interested I will PM you.
  6. amboy49

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    Very nice. But surprised there is a camo stocked gun in the collection.
  7. Flyersarebest

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    Very nice? Ya think? LOL

    I didn’t ask but I would be willing to bet a few bucks there is over 200K hanging on the walls.

    Yeah, very nice
  8. John66

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    Your friend must be exceptional. This looks amazing