Now I Give A "F"

Discussion in 'Off Topic!' started by 635 G, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. 635 G

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    I never cared that u were gay, until u started shoving it down my throat & I never cared what color u where , till u started blaming me for your problems & I never cared about your political affiliation until u told me mine were wrong, never cared where u were born until u started to erase my history & blame my ancestors for your problems, never cared about your beliefs until u told me mine were wrong

    Now I Give A "F" and I care 2022 & 2024 can't come quick enough
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    THEUNLOADER Elite Poster Founding Member

    Let's have a BIG AMEN for 635G !!!!

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  3. rookieshooter

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    Talk about shoving it down my throat, I'm tired of all the inter racial adds on tv. Usually a blond with a black man. Or worse two men swapping spit.
    There needs to be a ''Warning some may find the following offensive'' before the disgusting add or show..
  4. wpt

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    "AMEN " WPT ... (YAC) ...
  5. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    As an add on 11% of the population is "black" . so why do 50 % + of all commercials feature black actors, give me a break-- time for "white ash" start boycotting the companies that pay for these commercials--I'm a person Of Jewish heritage--I know what real racial profiling is !!!--its death !!!
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  6. Flyersarebest

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    Why do you see those ads?

    Because Proctor & Gamble (Insert any company) think that if they show two gay men living together ALL THE OTHER GAY MEN will buy what THEY are selling and not buy from a company that doesn't show the same thing.
    Same goes for any company that is running ads with gays, lesbians, mixed racial families, you name it. That's all it it is folks. Sell more stuff.

    If anyone really thinks ANY company gives a rat's azz about changing someone's thinking or the "culture" they are sadly mistaken. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MAKING MORE MONEY FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS

    And the shareholders only care about getting a return on their investment so it's OK with them.

    You want to invest your time and energy on something worthwhile? Keep on the politicians that want to erode the 2nd Amendment.
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  7. Ken Cerney

    Ken Cerney HOF Muscoda Gun Club Past Wisconsin Director Founding Member HOF Muscoda Gun Club

    We need to come back with our own NAKED COED TRAPSHOOTING !!! Lets push that.
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  8. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    The trouble with the bods of most old guys in this sport the girls are going to need really big blinders--remember the pictures of the old nudist camps in the 50's , they were really hard to look out
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  9. ljutic329

    ljutic329 Elite Poster Founding Member

    Went to Key West in the 80"s.

    Next to our hotel was a nude beach..

    Nothing but queer's.

    We moved hotel's.
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  10. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    Talking about Key West, we lived on a motor yacht for six years and spent a couple of winters @ Boca Chica Naval Air Station marina-went down town to a freek shown, needless to say a trip to the mens 'room was something to behold
  11. 320090T

    320090T Mega Poster Founding Member

    See any sex in the fountain like in the villages?
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  12. greenman006

    greenman006 Active Member

    People with mention issues want to make us feel we are the crazies.
    That is all i see.
    No one care what you put in your mouth a long as your heart is in the right place.
  13. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    The sex wasn't in a fountain it was on a gazebo & on top of an electrical junction box
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  14. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    time for another flame to come from heaven. I most certainly wont look back.
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  15. greenman006

    greenman006 Active Member

    Liberals are so obsess with sex and gender.