No more ATA Points or faux All Americans please……

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  1. EUREKA Post 2

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    At what point will the ATA look in the mirror and realize this plan to label hundreds of participants All Americans has failed. Running around chasing invisible points doesn’t pay for new guns or ammo.

    The gun clubs are encouraged to give easier targets for higher scores to lure the points chasers. The 27 yard shooters must be able to dominate or the house of cards collapses.

    Challenging targets will encourage the 27’s to shoot elsewhere.

    Back in the day we had challenging targets and big pay outs.

    Bring back the hard targets and calcuttas. Back when a 50 earned enough money for a new Perazzi.

    There is no value in being at your yardage without big winnings. Yawn…..just occupy the 27.
  2. Rocketfan

    Rocketfan Active Member

    Then we would go to the shoots with better payouts. That would hurt Sparta. The ATA is more interested in propping up Sparta than increasing shooter revenues.
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  3. alf174

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    The money in the game now is coming from the kid's parents and the majority is only interested in shooting singles. The days you describe have been gone for a while and sadly there is no one replacing the shooters of yesteryear.
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  4. Union Strong

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    the shooters are going to money shoots in big numbers. Several Ohio clubs have been having success with Calcuttas and big payouts. And they are non registered. Some of these shoots are bigger than chain shoots. The ATA is registered practice.
  5. alf174

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    If they are as big as you say, they've kept them very very quiet. I know of one or two big annual Calcuttas, all the rest have moderate attendance (Middletown, several in SW MI, etc). OR, they're not advertised in which case they won't attract the masses because nobody will know about them.
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  6. oleolliedawg

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    Most complainers couldn't break 'em then and are too old to break 'em now. Averages count and if you never broke a respectable one you either sandbagged or are living in some dream world. If 60 yd targets are the answer to save trapshooting throw 'em at your home club and shut the doors within a year. The WWII boys who'd bet on the number of fish in a tank are gone and the newbies go to the casinos. Well, we can always ban any gun costing over $1,000 and bring back bubble gum chewing female hand pullers. There, I saved it.
  7. fleet90

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    You've indeed brought up an interesting topic on ATA current system but I honestly do not think ATA will reconsider its approach and return to a more challenging and rewarding system for shooters.
  8. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Mega Poster Founding Member

    The only ones complaining about challenging targets never carried a respectable average in any event. Start posting your averages or give us your ATA number. Those averages are there for all to see. Let's face it, if you never carried a AA average then or made the 27 yd. line you'll never be competitive today either.
  9. rrisum

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    You hit the nail on the head,. described me perfectly --At 71 I don't have the endurance for these 16 yard marathons that these kids are shooting. Spend $45 to stand around all day to end up with nothing --When I can go to game shoots -Shoot eight or ten games and know what I win. At 71 I live by my granddads saying "Even a blind pig finds an acorn sometimes" Keeps me still shooting and having great fun. Our club just celebrated 100 years and going strong.
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  10. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Mega Poster Founding Member

    Instead of complaining about the occupy the 27 yd shooters let's focus on those shooters who were unable to progress past the 23 yd. line but petitioned the ATA to move 'em back to the 25 so they could impress their friends by standing with some real 27 yd. shooters. We all know a few of 'em. Those are the real faux wannabe shooters.
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  11. Union Strong

    Union Strong Well-Known Member

    Increase the revenue and make targets harder people won’t want to occupy the 27.
  12. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Mega Poster Founding Member

    Most of the occupy the 27 yd. shooters, are dead, no longer shoot or never play a dime in options. If they're dumb enough to play the ticket smart good shooters will be eating steak and lobster.
  13. Kiehl

    Kiehl Well-Known Member

    Did you really say most of the occupy the 27 shooters are dead? Mods give this guy medicine.

    I see squad after squad of 27 yard shooters that should be on the 21.

    As long as the targets are easy scores will be high and there will be no monies to shoot for. The Calcuttas in Ohio have to limit the number of squads. They throw hard targets and shoot for good money. Trapshooting isn’t dead. Leadership in the ATA is on life support.
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  14. oleolliedawg

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    Limiting the number of squads anywhere must only occur at some two trap clubs in the sticks.. Most clubs in PA are begging for squads -calcuttas or not. Describe "hard" targets as they certainly don't throw 'em at Cardinal Center and never threw 'em at Vandalia. Many of the ones who agree with you haven't shot trap in over 20 years and never carried a decent average on any targets. While you're at it please tell all of us how high an average you carry from the 27 yd. line and how high an average those huge volumes of occupy the 27 yd. line must carry to be wanted at a shoot. Why not make a rule if you can't carry a 90+ average from the fence you're disqualified and not welcomed to participate. Throw that one at ATA management and get laughed out of a meeting!
  15. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Mega Poster Founding Member

    Somehow, I was able to run 50 squads of singles, doubles and handicap in our little 6 trap club on Sundays years ago and never limited entries. So, if what you're saying is true you need new management or a double dose of my medicine.
  16. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Mega Poster Founding Member

    Chain shoots never were worth a dime in money won and that goes back to the 70's. BTW, what's a chain shoot?
  17. badactor

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    Trapshooting doesn’t need the ATA. I like seeing the posts of the Ohio shoots here that are having Calcuttas and limiting shoots to 20 full squads.
  18. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Mega Poster Founding Member

    What yardage do they use to handicap shooters? Does everyone stand on the 27 or do they use those yardages supplied by the unneeded ATA?