1. rookieshooter

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    Shot my highly modified Perazzi TM1 with a 4'' high Olympic rib by Roger Eubanks, a 12.5'' LOP pistol grip stock made by yours truly, an adjustable comb made from parts from an old Graycoil (sp) recoiling device.
    The gun only weighs 7.8 lbs. It shoots 60/40.
    Plus I had to go back to a pull trigger due to my spinal cord injury. My trigger finger won't release as fast but can pull just fine. After shooting a release since the mid seventies, I really found it easy. to swap.
    My left hand is a different story. Needed a specially built device that keeps all fingers and thumb opened up all the time since I can not open them. I can however close them since they are held open with rubber band things. In the pic you can see the left hand device.

    The chair is something else. This is the first time I ever used it since I bought it. Built like a tank. This chair will raise up, tilt forward, tilt back and even extend my legs out for better blood flow. Has Bluetooth and even a display screen and coil over shocks. CHAIR SHOOTING.jpg
  2. HistoryBuff

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    rookieshooter, you are an inspiration to all.

    I admire that "never give up" attitude.

  3. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    Bravo Zulu.
    btw....where was that pic shot?
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  4. Mike Poore

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    God bless you, Sir. An inspiration to us all. Both the gun and shooting platform, along with the rubber band left hand thingey took some study.. just amazing.
  5. rookieshooter

    rookieshooter Elite Poster Forum Leader

    Wright Patt Air Force Base OHIO.
  6. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    thought it looked familiar.
  7. nickthanos

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    That's what I call dedication.
  8. T Jordan

    T Jordan Well-Known Member V I P

    A living Angel teaching the rest of us.
  9. 320090T

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    My aches and pains now mean nothing. My best to you!
  10. Tom in PA

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    I love following your journey back to shooting. It's inspirational. Keep on shooting and keep on posting!

    Thanks for the update, happy to see you on the trap field!!!
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  11. Max Trap

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    I’m blown away ! I just need to shut up and quit whining about the little things that I bitch about.
    I absolutely admire your getting it done attitude. Keep crushing targets and keep us posted on how it’s going.