Most Popular Once Fired Hulls

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    I don’t reload and sold once fired shells years ago when my son was shooting also. Since then I didn’t shoot a lot so I just gave away my empty hulls. I have begun to shoot more and started saving and selling hulls again.

    Are Winchester AA still the most popular 28’s and 410’s for reloading?? What about 20 gauge, STS or AA?? I will buy what is most popular and easiest to sell. Is 10 cents for small gauges and five cents still the going rate??

    Last question. Does anyone reload Remington Field and Clay and if so what are they worth??

    Thanks, Mike.
  2. SAL328

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    I Prefer the AA hulls in 28 and 410 and STS in 20, The field and clay work ok for reloading but aren't worth anything. might get a couple of cents for them if you are lucky. The going rate for hulls is 10 to 15 cents for 410 and 28 gauge from what I have seen. I buy the remington gun club shell when on sale for cheaper than I can reload in 12 gauge and have a ton of once fired hulls. I know a few guys that shoot AA shells exclusively in 12 gauge with the rebate and just throw the hulls away because they have so many.
  3. Michael jenis

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    Your about right, AAs 28 and 410s are the most desirable I believe. 10 cents a shell is about the going rate.12 ga shells have little value,20 ga AA or STS you might get 5 cents a hull from the wright guy.
  4. BAMA

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    I've been shooting and reloading AA's almost exclusively for 44 years. I seldom see any new AA's laying on the ground anymore. All I see are EL Cheapos. You should be able to get 4-5 cents a round for 12ga AA once fired hulls.
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    Thanks for all the info!!

  6. nicky harwood

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    seen a lot of 410 and 28 brass split recently.
  7. Jack Olson

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    AA all the way, there the best shell.
  8. Timn

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    Would love to find some more AA cf once fired 410 hulls mine are getting well used.
  9. bobski

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    im gonna say 12ga rem sts and nitro 27's override current aa's.
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    Remington for 12 and 20. --Win. for the little guns.
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    The shell of choice for me personally is the Nitro 27, Handicap 7 1/2's though I shoot a lot of Estates and Federal's unless it really matters( self inflicted mind games ) ... One of the shooters noticed I was letting them fly at a shoot and asked me if I would save them for him, I told him it was not a problem, he offered to pay for the Nitro's so I gladly accepted his offer ... He came back in the fall and asked if I had some shells for him, I told him I have 7,000 of them he almost fell over said he only wanted about a 1,000 ... I gave him the 1,000 ( no charge) and called a Buddy of mine who reloads and gave him the rest of the once fired shells just to get them out of my way in the garage .... That is when I quit saving the once fired shells, don't need the clutter in my garage ... (6,500) shells fill the trunk of a new generation Camaro if your interested ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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