Mec Electric vs Hydraulic

Discussion in 'Reloading Bench' started by Jim Hancock, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. Jim Hancock

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    Too many ortho issues to pull the lever manual.....have 9000 series reloader , which do you recommend? Anyone have one for sale? Thanks
  2. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    Electric much safer, need two hands to use, had a bud get his thumb mashed under a hydraulic and if the hydraulics leak you got a mess
  3. Wayne J

    Wayne J Mega Poster

    Electric all the way.
  4. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    I have been using the MEC 9000H's for 30 years, & love em. No leaks, and smooth operation. I have three of them. No matter electric or hydraulic, don't put your fingers in the mechanism. I like them because when you take your foot off the petal, they come back up.
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  5. nickthanos

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    Just like you should not need a warning label to not put a plastic bag on your baby's head. Or caution, this respirator not for use under water.
  6. Chris Carr

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    The automate is quieter and you can get a foot peddle for it. My hydraulic leaks oil it’s only a year old and the one before that leaked oil too
  7. david j burke

    david j burke Active Member

    I had a hydraulic, too noisy in the basement bunker. I also run two electric MECs with MokeMate foot pedal. Great accessory.
  8. southjblue

    southjblue Well-Known Member

    I have 4 H's Love them They do leak some but a small piece of paper towel around the leak
    works fine---U can always find a flaw but my H's work just fine---$ wise on a good used H will
    be great also---Price a used elect compared to a H and U will do very well with the H.
    JMO----Go H's and have fun as I do---Been using them for yrs.
  9. southjblue

    southjblue Well-Known Member

    Another note----I don't see how U can get a finger stuck on a H -- U load the empty hull
    in station 1 and a wad on Station 3 then take hands away from machine and press foot pedal.
    Guess it can happen but U have to have your mind some ware off what your doing.
    Rembert safety 1st--- Speed is trouble---I can load 25 shells in 6 minutes
    I have a rotator cuff tear in right shoulder and pulling handle down on a 9000G is out of the ?
  10. southjblue

    southjblue Well-Known Member

    The only place mine leak is around the hose connection which is very small leak--I have one that don't leak because I tighten
    up the connection, The other leaks are so SMALL that the time to correct is not necessary.
    I've been using the H for yrs and never had a leak issue,
    Since your looking for an automatic unit, either will work fine.
  11. Jim Hancock

    Jim Hancock Member

    Thank you all for information. On the look for a used one.