Ljutic Questions, Need a Little Help

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    A couple of questions for the Ljutic guru's on our site.

    The reason I ask is unfortunately a good friend of mine since 1977 has passed away and his widow wanted to know if I would sell one of his four Ljutics and a SC3 Perazzi for her. I told her the only Mono I was familiar with was the one Shamus let me borrow for a few months about 25 years ago so I had to do some research first.

    I have no way of knowing if true but my pal did tell me a few years ago that since he started buying Ljutics back around 1978 he became good friends with Al, Nadine, and the family and they would "take care" of him anytime he wanted something. From parts shipped overnight at no charge to spec'ing how he wanted a gun made.

    So, if someone wanted their own serial number on a gun, for instance their birthday year and their initials, was that sent through a dealer? Especially if it was a One Touch with extra fancy wood.

    Did Ljutic ever sell direct to a customer. I think they weren't suppose to so they could protect their dealers, but.......?

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    Flyer, I don't have any answers for your questions, but I would recommend that you contact Terry at Terry's Gun Vault. I put the link to Terry's website below. Terry is or was a Ljutic dealer and he is very knowledgeable on Ljutics.
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    Thank you very very much. I have the link but I'm going to delete it from your post. No offense but the site rules prohibit us from posting links. That way we don't get any we don't want. If we let the good ones like yours on we open the door for all the bad ones. I'm sure you understand the reasoning for the rule. There is no problem if someone uses a PM to send a link to another member.

    I have known Roy at Hi Grade from the time he worked for Ham Hamilton before he bought the business. He is only 30 minutes away and was thinking of taking to him to find out the history. Not to sell it to him. I won't even have to tell him who owned it. As soon as he sees it he will know. We all shot together 100 years ago and the owner was well known for buying gorgeous wood.

    I will indeed contact Terry to get some additional info. And Thanks Again
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    Flyer, thanks for deleting the link. I was in a hurry and plain forgot the no link rule.
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    No problem.
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    I know people that went to the Ljutic shop to get fitted for Guns. They had special adjustable try stocks. I have had a bunch of Ljutics. I could never afford the trip. But I won a lot of money with a mid rib mono.
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    Thank you FG.
  8. Flyersarebest

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    I have to find out about the special serial number. If I do sell it for his widow I want to be able to answer any questions.
  9. wpt

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    I was a Ljutic dealer at one time many moons ago, Al was not always easy to deal with, Nadine was the glue that held the family and business together, was the PR person ... I shot with Joe a few times in Vegas when he was winning he was easy to talk to if not, not so much ... I can remember only one time Al asked if the customer wanted a specific serial number, he did and they put it on his gun ... Al was a good guy but always seemed like he was mad about something ... Nadine had records of any and all of the guns and who bought them, specs etc ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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    Fellow shooter was showing me a beautiful what I would call a very high grade Ljutic few years ago. He was quite proud of the low serial number. Later a buddy of mine who was quite close to the Ljutic family back then laughed and told me Al would put whatever you wanted for a serial number on a gun you ordered. FWIW.
  11. Billy

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    My Midrib Mono was made with my Serial number of choice
    And I also had a good friend that his Birthday for a serial number on his .
    Nadine handled my sale direct . Hope this helps
  12. Flyersarebest

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    Thank you, that is what my friend had done. He had his initials put above his birth date.
  13. dr.longshot

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    All Ljutics were built with an ASSY # so they could be ID'd, ser# was done later for FFL People.
    I Owned Ser# 001 on a special model, i had a lot of requests to buy it. Different models had a new ser#001 etc.