Larry Bumsted passes

Discussion in 'Completed Careers' started by Leonidas, Jun 19, 2023.

  1. Leonidas

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    Apologies if I missed a previous thread on Larry's death or in the wrong forum.

    I'm sure many of you knew or shot with Larry. He is one of the best shooters Iowa had to offer to the trapshooting community,

    Anyone that wants to see it can google his name to read it.

    Type Larry Bumsted Obit.
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  2. Leonidas

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    Thanks for the updates.

    I wasn't sure on how to post this.
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    My condolence to his family.
  4. Rest now Larry.
    You are not missing much.

    BRAD DYSINGER The Philosophist Founding Member Member Trapshooting Hall of Fame Member State Hall of Fame

    I played a lot of hearts with Larry over the years, another one gone. RIP