Kudos and Atta-Boys to the Panama City Beach Walmart and Police

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    Most stores try to hide the bad guys steeling, destroying property, and being disruptive.

    BLM types and gangs invaded Panama City Beach and ransacked Walmart. Management at the PCB Walmart was very active assisting the police to find the criminals.

    Two days later there was a round up of thugs. They even put pictures up of those that escaped. Yep, caught a bunch more.

    In one day 161 arrests and 75 guns found on folks not permitted to have guns. Still counting. Less than 2 miles from the headquarters of Americantrapshooter.com.

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    2 miles is a long way. You would probably be stretching it some but at that distance I would recommend one of the larger caliber rifles. A Kestrel wind meter and software from Applied Ballistics. Oh, you will also need a good spotter using a top of the line ranging spotting scope.

    You won’t need the Ghillie suit. A bright tie dyed T shirt, Tommy Bahama shorts and a pair of flip flops should make you blend right into the environment

    Send It!

    On a serious note. If more cities did this instead of being afraid of being called racist and also “upsetting” some of the types doing this a we would all be a whole lot better off.
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    Just some homeboys "chimpin' out"
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