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    So I got a new neighbor and we get to talking. I ask him what he does for a living. He says he's a Professor of Logic down at the University. I go "a Professor of logic???? What exactly does that mean?" Neighbor says, well it's actually pretty hard to explain. It's easier if I show you.

    So neighbor says, do you have a doghouse"?
    I respond, well ya I do.
    So he replies "well since you have a doghouse, I can assume you have a dog?"
    That's a fact, I do have a dog!
    So he says again, "ok, you have a doghouse and you have a dog, I'm going to assume that you have a child?"
    Wow. Your right I have a little girl.
    So neighborbor again says " so let me ask you this, are you married to a female right?"
    Im shocked. "Your right. How the hell did you know that???" I asked.
    Neighbor says "well ya see, logically based on your answers to my questions, I can assume your a white heterosexual male".

    Neighbor is spot on.

    So I'm down at the subway smoking a cigarette the next day. I see one of my neighbors. He comes up and asks "hey have ya met the new neighbor? I wonder what he does for a living?"
    So I says "well actually I have met the new neighbor and he's a Professor of Logic down at the University.

    This neighbor asks "well what exactly does he do?"

    I say to him "it's easier if I show you". " Do you have a doghouse?

    "No" Mr neighbor replies.

    "Well logically you must be a faggot."
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