Guess the USA missed it

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  1. 635 G

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    Two days ago May 8 used to be celebrated as VE-day, well I'm an American of Jewish heritage ,if VE Day didn't happen , you would not be reading this post

    I'm kinda pissed world Jewry celebrates ancient miracles--as far as I'm concerned VE-Day should be celebrated as the most significant holiday on the Jewish calendar.

    Never again
  2. pump gun guy

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    Ask most of today's young people and they won't have a CLUE what VE Day even IS !
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  3. Kolar Top Single

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    No, the kids are being taught by the libs and the fags. They celebrate george floyd day....robber, wife beater, drug addict and seller, didn't pay child support. This is the type of hero the libs and fags honor along with the non American obama
  4. Jack Olson

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    Floyd day, its the end of the world as we know it.
  5. ljutic329

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    Demorat's celebrate any designated holiday that has to do with thugs, negro's, queer's and convicts.

    Simply because they are thugs, communist and socialist.
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  6. Robert Lucks

    Robert Lucks Retired Army

    State Department didnt miss George Floyd's death anniversary.....many embassies over seas where proudly hanging BLM flags in honor of Thug George!
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