FOUND krieghoff model 32 top single barrel wanted

Discussion in 'For Sale-Wanted to Buy' started by amaturetargetshooter, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. As stated I am looking for a k32 top single barrel . Thank you .....
  2. Stl Flyn

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    I have one. 34" flat rib, choked .029 I think. Will check and make sure. No porting. Very good, to excellent shape. Only bluing wear is under the forearm wood.

    Will get pictures for you in the morning.

    Will send a PM with my contact info. along with the pictures.
  3. Over-the-Hill

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    I know you're asking for just a barrel but I have a complete Mod 32 that I would like to sell. 34" top single with 3 Briley choke tubes. .025, .030 & .035. Less a case of shells through it since the annual. Don't know what just a barrel will cost but you might be surprised at the price of the whole gun. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. Found thank you ................
  5. jason8892

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    Hey there,

    Price of whole gun?

  6. Graygus

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  7. Over-the-Hill

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    Sorry, Sold it last year.