Father and Son Hunts

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    Here is a young man hunting groundhogs is Pennsylvania circa 1960 with his father. The .22-250 woodchuck dispatcher.



  2. Rob Greenside

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    Really cool. Unertl scopes, wow, we've come a long ways with scopes/rifles and everything else. Thats a big 'ol "beast". Thanks for sharing.
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    Your boy looks cool and brave, Thanks for sharing :)
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    Actually, that boy with the rifle is me about 60 some years ago. My dad with the binoculars passed in 2002. I hunted with him and walked fields looking for arrow heads. Sure miss those times.

    Thanks for taking time to look at the pictures.

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    It looks like a "custom rifle" on a Springfield action. Redfield in the first picture and Ultra-Varmint on the second.

    Nice that you have the pictures HB. Thanks for posting.

    I can hear my dad now and he passed away in 1988 at 68 years young. I was around 7 when he let me carry the single shot .22 around when we went squirrel hunting.

    Breath, nice and easy now, Breath, now breath out and hold it. Now slowly squeeeeeeez the trigger.


    Man oh man, what I wouldn't give to hear him say that just one more time.

    Thanks Again HB.
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    Great pics ,i lost my dad 4 years ago,life goes by in a hurry miss all the good times we had together.
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    I just had a hankering that was YOU HB !!!

    Thanks for your memories, I never had a Dad who enjoyed the outdoors and was deathly afraid of guns after almost being shot when he was 14 years old.

    Thankfully, I had MANY men who took me hunting, and Dad learned how to LOVE wild game dinners. LOL
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    This reminds me of History Buff's, Brad D.'s, Dave B.'s, and my friend's Daddy's old saying:

    But more than anything else, Herb Parsons was a hunter. He is credited with originating the popular, “Go hunting with your boy today and you won’t have to hunt for him tomorrow,”

    Good words ~
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    Really neat pics, thanks for sharing!

    This time last year, I was on "the hunt" for a Sako Forester (l579 action) factory chambered in Remington .244. This Albatros of a cartridge/barrel twist was only offered for 3 years in the Forester (about 450 manufactured) until it was dropped from the Sako line. Anyhow, I ended up tracking down one in Maryland that was in great condition with a Bushnell 10X Scope-Chief as well. It was owned by a very fine gentleman who purchased it new in 1959 when he was 18yo, and all he shot with it were woodchucks on the family farm in Pennsylvania. The first picture reminds me of that gun.

    Also, he turned out to be quite the trap shooter in the past, having been friends with Dan Orlich and several other long-time shooters (going on hunting/fishing trips in the past even supposedly). I'm a NW shooter, so many of the names he mentioned I didn't recognize as he's from the NE. He was a heck of a gentleman and still very spry, as he mentioned he would take a couple of grandsons and a son-in-law "west" to Wyoming or Montana deer/antelope hunting every other year. He also ran his mini-storage business every day in Maryland (and he knew what that Sako was worth too! lol). Just thought I'd share that story about Mr. Stone and his rifle.