Easiest way to skin a deer?

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    Just curious to see how you guys skin your deer.....I usually just pull with one hand and cut with the other, but I know there are easier ways out there. I think a lot of the guys that do processing use a floor-mounted winch to pull the skin off and I was thinking about using my front-end loader to do the same thing. Ideas?
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    How ever you go about it get it skinned whie there is still body heat in the deer if possible. It will skin much easier.
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    99plus is correct. Skin while It's warm. Mostly skin as you do. Tried tying head up in tree, skin neck to shoulders with knife while pulling. Wrapped rock in loose skin, tied up with rope, put tarp down under deer in direction of pull. Attached rope to pickup and pulled slowly. Skin will come off with no hair on it. Works well but by the time it took me to set up I would have it more than half skinned with knife and pulling by ‚úč. I've skinned over 100 +bucks in my life time. I like the old way. Good luck hunting.
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    Increase speed before you hit 'em !!
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