Do you still box?

Discussion in 'Reloading Bench' started by Shooter11, Jun 25, 2022.

  1. Shooter11

    Shooter11 Isaiah 30:18

    I boxed up every reload I made. Then along came progressive loaders and the boxing only seemed important for shoot shells, or special shells like hunting loads. Now it is ziplock bags and buckets. Do you still box shells or are you a bag/bucket person?
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  2. frogjump

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    I like the nice plastic boxes for my reloads for a couple reasons. I feel like they protect my ammo better, they count my ammo for me, they are re-usable (buy once cry once), and they dont hold moisture like the cardboard boxes do, makes it easier to regulate humidity in the storage crate. I really like MTM, they have real hinges and are USA made.
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  3. rrisum

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    --NO-- that is what grand kids are for!
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  4. ric1911a1

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  5. Harvey McCraw

    Harvey McCraw Active Member

    are use the same ones they are so nice to put in your pouch
  6. Jeffrey May

    Jeffrey May New Member

    Yes, I box
  7. Ed Budreau

    Ed Budreau Active Member Founding Member

    Yes I box a lot and have over 150 flats of reloads.
  8. 99PLUS

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    I box. And use a pouch that holds a box and 100+ empties.
  9. David McMillen

    David McMillen Well-Known Member

    Yes, I box also. Keeps everything organized.
  10. Rick R

    Rick R Member

    I only box up the special ones.
  11. david j burke

    david j burke Active Member

    Sure , box and label. Print out a full sheet and reuse the boxes
  12. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    its easier to count my stash if they are organized in flats. i box!
  13. Lloyd Reed

    Lloyd Reed Member

    Box, bag and bucket. I like trap shells in a box for easier counting on the range but 20, 28 and .410s just go into a bucket. I can easily grab a bunch for my pouch for skeet.
  14. TF1

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    Yep. Just always have. Load them into full cases(500) also for storage and transport. Used to have a chief boxer and shell counter, but darn it he grew up and left for college.
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  15. Steve Randall

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  16. old682x

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    Always box mine up in Remington boxes. They fold flat and don't take up much space on a shelf.
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  17. Steve Randall

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    I box mine, mainly so I can tell how many I have shot on each stand. I'm too stupid to remember how many I've shot if I just dump them all in a pouch. Oh well! :confused:
  18. goose2

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