Coca Cola says to act less white!

Discussion in 'Report the Bastards!' started by Fargo2, Feb 23, 2021.

  1. Fargo2

    Fargo2 Well-Known Member

    Well an American I say to Coke. Come paint my white ass any color you want. Lol

    I drink coffee now.

    You just got cancelled!
  2. Fargo2

    Fargo2 Well-Known Member

    This is day three with black coffee. Thanks Coke.
  3. wpt

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    So according to the Coke Company whites are supposed to collect more welfare, get public housing, free medical, food stamps, Gold grilles (teeth capped ) , eat more chicken and BBQ, go looting and burn down stores because some convicted Felon gets offed by a Cop or else ... I was on the Fire Dept when the blacks were rioting, show you how smart some people are they burned down their own houses, that 'll show us ... The only thing I ever used coke for was getting the rust off of bumpers, cleaning the toilet and making meat turn green ... This white azz been on Pepsi since I was a kid and see no reason to change now, actually see reason not to ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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  4. Donald piper

    Donald piper Member

    maybe Coke will take a trailer load to the Courthouse where the upcoming trial is taking place .Wouldnt want rioters getting thirsty burning down their neighborhood now would we??????
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  5. Ralph Dudley

    Ralph Dudley Member

    I'm being less white as Coke is suggesting by drinking more Pepsi!
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  6. wpt

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    I asked the Coke delivery driver how to act black being as he was black, he said he wasn't sure but knew the sales dropped off by over 40% at that one store (WalMart) since they started that BS ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
  7. Probono

    Probono Active Member

    A pattern repeated over a hundred years and more.
    Democrats have to have someone to hate.
    This is the latest group.
    Demonize and belittle people that they try to force into their projection
    of ideals.
    They hate/fear that which they can't control.
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