Choke blown out of barrel

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  1. 635 G

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    A shooter on my squad had a Briley choke get launched from his Bt-99, it split the end of the barrel--the tube end looks like it curled up(inside end), must have split & the curl caused the blockage

    No injuries to report
  2. wpt

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    I have seen this happen probably 6 times over the course of my shooting trap which is one of the main reasons I am not a fan of choke tubes and stay away from them if at all possible ... I owned one gun with choke tubes and could not get the memories of choke tubes blowing out of barrels and destroying the barrel out of my mind, I sold it to the first person who made a reasonable offer ... My Father was shooting a 34 in TM1 next to me one night, after the choke tube exited the barrel and got repaired it was 31 inches .. I am one of those " just my luck" guys so I stay away from them, make mine fixed and full .. . WPT ... (YAC) ...
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  3. mudpack

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    Which came first, the split barrel or the deformed tube?
  4. dr.longshot

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    What happened was the wrong size choke tube was used, Smaller than the Bbl threads, it was the fault of the party that installed an in-correct tube.

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  5. wpt

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    Don't matter the results are the same .... WPT ... (YAC) ...
  6. icyclefar

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    You’ll end up with the same result if you use a choke with a damaged skirt.

    I have also witnessed a brand new Benelli self destruct on day one because the bore and threading for the choke tube was not concentric to the bore of the barrel.
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  7. mudpack

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    Might have mattered to Briley and/or to Browning.
    As it turned out, neither of those were liable.
  8. wpt

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    I guess I am just "Old School" about a lot of things, not saying that is right just saying that is how I am ... I started shooting as a young kid up on the farm, no chokes, no reloads, just a way to put some meat on the table ... I never got into all of the gadgets like porting barrels, choke tubes, but will admit I am very fond of being able to adjust the stocks for the past 20 years or so ... I, for the most part am stuck with me as I am now, getting to old to change which eliminates choke tubes, barrel porting and any other gadgets they come up with ... Going back to my Model 12 , see if it still loves me like it used to ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
  9. Gerald

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    If it ain’t factory; tubes or porting, i wouldn’t want it.
    Not a fan of porting anyway.

  10. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    no need for porting in any single barrel unless its a 458 Winchester
  11. cheetah

    cheetah Active Member

    Sure there is some just have a mental block to new ways versus the the earlier designs of their favorite shooter. Their truly is a difference in recovery of muzzle lift in a game of doubles be it trap skeet or sporting or flyers been there done that my single barrel guns are Beretta auto loaders I don’t use single barrel break action guns.
  12. cheetah

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    Most choke blowouts are caused from loose chokes I have been using interchangeable chokes since the mid 1980’s and never experienced these issues.
    I have witnessed people dropping chokes to the ground or hard surfaces resulting in dented choke skirts which will allow an opportunity for the wad to catch the skirting of the choke causing the rear of or skirt of the choke to peel or fold inward to the bore causing choke blowout and or barrel failure.
    I own both fixed and interchangeable choke barrels and have patterned them extensively and can se no difference or advantage between the two types of chokes as far as patterns.I happen to prefer interchangeable chokes for the versatility of one barrel and multiple choke choices keep them tight and in good condition and they will serve you well.
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  13. wpt

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    Like they say "Different Strokes for different folks" ... Started shooting trap in 1975 always fixed chokes, even before that as a kid on the farm so I am what they call today "Old School" which may not be right for everyone but its right for me ... I was a dealer in another life seldom got a call for a gun with choke tubes so obviously the popularity took place after I was established ... The main reason I turn away from them is based on what I have seen with my own eyes, the concept seems to answer a lot of questions for a lot of shooters, if they are comfortable with them I say go for it ... I am not a fan of porting either so I do not own a gun that is ported having seen the ends of a few barrel fly after the target and make a hell of a noise ... I feel the Gadgets are used to try and offset a lack of talent (respectfully) and at some point become a crutch that can be blamed for a loss at a bad time rather than accept the blame on what caused it ( the shooter) ... There comes a time when every shooters will miss a target they have smoked probably many times in the past just not on this particular day and usually at a bad time ... That is my story and I'm sticking to it ... WPT ... (YAC) ....
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  14. Roger Coveleskie

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    Barrel porting is just a fad. Roger C.
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  15. cheetah

    cheetah Active Member

    Now that's some funny stuff right there !!!!!
  16. mudpack

    mudpack Mega Poster Founding Member

    Yes, I blame all my misses on having a ported barrel. Even though I don't use the gun with the ported barrel any more.
  17. ljutic329

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    Tell Ray Stafford he doesn't need ported barrel's or Tom's barrel work.

    Then go shoot against him.
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  18. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    Screw chokes are good if you can have them made to within a couple of thousands of the bore diameter. (Briley) Porting is fine if you like it. For my thinking, the only advantage would be for the first shot of doubles to reduce muzzle jump.
  19. cheetah

    cheetah Active Member

    Most factory screw chokes are good but there are a few exceptions.
  20. Van Zammillo

    Van Zammillo Member

    Been shooting guns with screw-in chokes for years with no issues. But I religiously clean my gun, remove and inspect my chokes after each shoot.