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  1. gwphunt

    gwphunt Member

    can you change your poi to the right, without an adjustable comb? ( fixed stock )
  2. wpt

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    Bend the barrel ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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  3. rrisum

    rrisum Mega Poster

    Good wood rasp -- Seen it down in the middle of a shoot.
  4. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    You can send it in & have the stock bent. Pretty sure any stock maker can do it. Larry Wehinger in Monroe, Wi has done three for me. Nice work & they stayed bent. Don't know if he still does them.
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  5. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    If the barrels are chromed, I was told they can't be bent
  6. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    also, if the gun has choke tubes Briley can make eccentric chokes
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  7. Dave S

    Dave S Active Member

    Instead of bending the stock get a adjustable comb installed.
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  8. icyclefar

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    Facial plastic surgery, why mess with a perfectly good gun.
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  9. gwphunt

    gwphunt Member

    thanks everyone for the suggestions
  10. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    I agree, adjustable comb is a good idea, providing you can get your face into the gun below the comb, I could not, and even with the adjustable comb, the stock was too thick to get me face into the gun. Bending the stock did what I needed.
  11. dr.longshot

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    Buy a heat lamp and several WOOD CLAMPS, adnd some various thickness of wood, and water put on towels to wrap the stock and clamp it down on work bench, I have done several and it works, last one was my CG. Took a week doing it slowly, It stayed. I posted pictures doing it
    several years ago when I lived in Lancaster, Ohio. Mat'l cost $50.00

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  12. Flyersarebest

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    Mineral oil.
    I’ll post the article later about how mike orlen did it.
  13. Flyersarebest

    Flyersarebest Moderator Forum Leader Founding Member

    The below paragraph was copied from a long article and is just a small excerpt . You can use the "google machine" to find more info.

    Search: "What type of oil to bend stocks"

    "Once after reading an article about stock bending, I decided to email its author (Michael McIntosh) and ask him what oil he and gunsmith David Trevallion used. He had referred to the oil as a “secret blend” and of course I wondered what that might be. To level the field, I divulged my “secret blend” (Canola oil). Admitting that cooking oil would no doubt work, he suggested that olive oil might make the gunshop smell a good deal better. One popular choice is mineral oil. It is very stable and has a very high smoke point."
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  14. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    also mineral oil is stable and will not get rancid, we use mineral oil to seal our granite sink
  15. Mike Poore

    Mike Poore Active Member

    I used Thos Bland & Son at Woodcock Hill, Bolton, PA to bend a fairly thick stock on a Browning 525 sporting. It was a fitting session using a try stock, range time & involved shortening and bending my stock. It was a day well spent.
  16. dr.longshot

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    1ST THINGS 1ST, do your beads line up for you, one behind the other with a figure 8?