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    This is a picture of one of many deer that frequent are second mountain home every year. We have named this deer Brutus and if you look close at his back right foot his hoof is curled up. That’s how we tell him apart from others. We hope and pray he makes it through hunting season every year so he can return. He is a dandy and will only let me feed him grain out of a bucket, Enjoy 3E60DC16-B0F6-420F-BEC8-A5EE6121BBD4.jpeg 5BE5A8BE-9226-4C2B-A6A8-A16BFC941A6B.jpeg D34232A9-184B-4BD7-B293-A875C919B6C1.jpeg EBECFF3F-375C-4A46-B1A3-406AAC4D780F.jpeg
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    Nice buck. Thanks for sharing