Black National Anthem

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  1. 635 G

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    I always record "A Captol 4th" , just found ought, Vanessa Williams will be singing "The Black National Anthem" instead of the Star Bangled Banner--deleted the recording

    On the same thought blacks are 12-14% of the population, how come 50% of all commercials feature blacks.

    My wife never had a racist bone in her body --till Obama--the great divider took office & she voted for him !!!
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    THEUNLOADER Elite Poster Founding Member

    After that she needed another 'SPANKING' !!
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  3. wpt

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    There is only ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM for people of all colors, genders, or wanna be genders ... It is about time there is a stop put to all this BU-- Sh -- for once and for all before there is another civil war based on color, gender, or gender wanna be ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
  4. 320090T

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  5. Flyersarebest

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    I think the whole idea is stupid but even a great show like this is "ratings driven". And the producers are afraid of being called racists because they are celebrating a day that celebrates an idea that was conceived by "slave owners".

    But before we all look stupid I thought it was a good idea to find out what happened.

    It didn't take a CSI type search and I found this in about 5 seconds. From the New York Post

    "Her rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” will not replace the US national anthem, which will be sung by Grammy-award winner Renée Fleming — but it has still bitterly divided people on social media"

    Was our National anthem replaced or did they just let williams sing this other song to placate the PC police? Whatever their reasoning, thinking it would bring us all together?, backfired because the backlash from people all over social media and even some lawmakers is louder than any praise the producers thought they would get.

    The new normal?

    It sucks!

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  6. rookieshooter

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    ''Lift Every Voice and Sing'' ...And drive property values down.
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  7. Maser

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    Will there be anyone taking a knee during the black anthem?
  8. Flyersarebest

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    The vice president? I would think she is familiar with that position.

    Hey, I'm not judging, if you can get ahead by doing that more power to ya. Just don't tell me that you "worked hard" to get there.

    Man, the words ahead and hard in the same post about the hoe. This stuff almost writes itself.
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    THEUNLOADER Elite Poster Founding Member

    Flyers--You are right--She buys knee Pads 2 at a time !!
  10. Maser

    Maser ∞ Based ∞

    We are talking about just one knee here, not both. :D

    THEUNLOADER Elite Poster Founding Member

    I am talking about BOTH !!
  12. History Seeker

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    As I told a buddy last night. At least 80% Blacks in the commercials now, and this is EQUAL ??

    Reverse discrimination !!!

    WHITE people will soon stand up against this, and then let the Civil War Games begin.
  13. wpt

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    The problem is it is being supported by whites ( democraps ) who promote fear reactions of white people versus blacks ( Rioting, not protests) and black organizations like Antifa and BLM who by the way were developed and supported by whites such as George Soros and those like him so they can control the white people ... Fear is the tactic they use and so far it seems to be working well and in their favor ... White people will have enough of this BS and all Hell will break loose, blood will flow in the streets until everything gets back to normal, hope we live to see that day ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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    BRAD DYSINGER The Philosophist Founding Member Member Trapshooting Hall of Fame Member State Hall of Fame

    I'm still waiting for someone to say GO.
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  15. John66

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    I totally agree with this
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  16. Mike Holland

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    Democrats are PUSHING BLACKS from all fronts !! Thanks for your input !
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  17. Jack Ryan

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    Well they should move to the Black Nation and sing it then.
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  18. Cavscout107

    Cavscout107 Retired Army

    See where local leaders in DC are talking about making Black autonomous governed zones??......Separate rules of law for black neighborhoods, separate leadership and government......WTFO!!!!.
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  19. greenman006

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    Is there gonna be a gangster rap verse on it. hahahah