----"BIG" Bass Anyone ???----

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    3443.JPG 3441.JPG This "BIG" largemouth bass came from a private pond in Texas a few years ago. That is a AA 12 Ga. shell in his mouth !!!----18 Lbs--14 Ozs. 3442.JPG 3444.JPG
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    Gary, Why did you only get the fish mounted that you wife landed ? Inquiring minds would like to know. Roger C.
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    Hell Roger, The "BIG" one got away !!!
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    They don't grow that big here in Canada, a 5lb+ is considered a trophy especially as you go further north away from the most southern waters they inhabit in the provinces that have them. I have caught several on either side of the the 5lb line but only ever had one mounted, a 19.5" replica (no weight taken) I caught while ice fishing walleye. Bass season was closed hence the replica. Actually all my mounts are replicas of fish I caught and released. With it is my pb smallmouth. a 21" c&r that weighed 5lb-3oz.....
    . IMG_5489.jpg IMG_5490.jpg
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