Awesome recently refurbished Ljutic

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  1. SPS


    #1.jpg #2.jpg #3.jpg #4.jpg #5.jpg #6.jpg #7.jpg #8.jpg #9.jpg #11.jpg
    $3,000............... Call Ray 631-319-6959
  2. Union Strong

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    Hi Ray. That is a good looking Ljutic. I am guessing that is a 32. Is that the Ljutic Olympic rib or after market. Thanks in advance.
  3. SPS


    Not an aftermarket rib, call Ray I have no idea if it's 32 or 34? sorry.... Joe
  4. I am also pretty sure that the gun is a 32 inch.

    All of the Olympic rib guns I have seen that have the paternator chokes were always 32".
  5. John P Cushman

    John P Cushman Active Member

    Have you sold this gun?
  6. Robert D

    Robert D Member

    I called Ray directly about this gun and he said it was still available. I had planned to purchase the gun and Ray promised to send additional pictures, but after a second phone call and text that went unanswered I decided to purchase another Ljutic locally in Indiana. Ray is located in Long Island, NY. He claims to have a second Ljutic as well that he may have wanted to sell together as a package. Nice guy, but not very responsive.
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  7. RPAD

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    I also called about 20 times and never got an answer, if you let it ring about 15 times it will ask for some kind of number.

    I'm curious about the grip area on the stock, it looks like the grip cap is about 2" or a piece of wood was installed due to damage. It's hard to tell exactly what is going on with the pictures supplied.
  8. ljutic329

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    That is not the original stock for the gun.
  9. RPAD

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    That really does not answer the question.
  10. UncleBen21!!

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    BY CHANCE is the gun still available and does it have a release or pull trigger? Thanks very much UB
  11. Ken Cerney

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    The added piece of wood at the grip is often a signature of the stock builder. This is what it looks like to me.
  12. dr.longshot

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    This is an early Ljutic, look at choke tubes, 1500 model if your lucky,

  13. AAngelo

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    Look serial #1965
    This might be the gentleman associated with Stock Positioning Systems.