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Discussion in 'For Sale-Wanted to Buy' started by Clancey Milburn, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Clancey Milburn

    Clancey Milburn Active Member

    Looking to possibly get my son into a break over
    trap gun. He is currently shooting an 1100
    competition. Can anybody tell me what the 1100
    is worth? Looking for a bt99 or something like that
    with a 34" barrel and adjustable comb. Recoil
    reducer would be a plus. 20210607_211725.jpg
  2. Mike Battista

    Mike Battista Well-Known Member V I P

    When I had them I sold them new for $1089.00
    Mike battista
  3. skullrider

    skullrider Active Member

    PM Sent
  4. CanyonLakeArcher

    CanyonLakeArcher Active Member

    I had one with the Walnut stock and forend, I believe I sold it used for $900.
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  5. g7777777

    g7777777 Elite Poster

    700 max

    600 you might have to take

    Dont confuse new and used-- if you want to sell it sell it--- if you want to argue about what someone should pay-- plan on keeping it
  6. Hasbeen

    Hasbeen Active Member

    They fetch almost as much used nowadays as they did when new. They are not made any more and the guys that want them are willing to pay a good $ to get one in very good condition.
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  7. Ape82

    Ape82 Active Member Founding Member

    I'll give you 650 for it.
  8. Clancey Milburn

    Clancey Milburn Active Member

    I would rather trade
  9. Ape82

    Ape82 Active Member Founding Member

    No problem. I can do that. I will trade you 650 dollars for your gun. Hows that. Will that work for ya.
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  10. Clancey Milburn

    Clancey Milburn Active Member

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  11. Clancey Milburn

    Clancey Milburn Active Member

    Thank you everyone for your input, but my son has
    decided he wants to keep his 1100.
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  12. mpolans

    mpolans Mega Poster

    Having owned a BT-99 and an 1100 Competition Synthetic, smart choice. I recently sold the BT-99, but will be keeping the 1100 for quite a while.
  13. Jack Olson

    Jack Olson Well-Known Member

    I just sold one at a shoot for $950.
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  14. Hasbeen

    Hasbeen Active Member

    A friend I shoot with owned a gun shop until his recent retirement. He owns two of them and you would have an easier time pulling his teeth than getting those two guns from him....LOL. He's been shooting registered trap with 1100's since the early 80's, he owns 6 - 1100 trap guns and says in his opinion they are the best 1100 Remington ever produced.
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  15. trapshooter686

    trapshooter686 New Member

    Good decision to keep it -- those are good guns and he should have a backup when he finds a break open he likes.
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  16. Duke2005

    Duke2005 Well-Known Member

    Love mine with custom wood.