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    While re-re organizing the loading room I came across a couple pictures of what it was like(for me) back in the "Golden Days"

    One of my shooting buddies took the pictures then enlarged them to 8 x10. I snapped a copy with my phone and thought there are probably a lot of us that have pictures from back when shooting registered targets meant something.

    You can tell where the first pic was taken.
    The 2nd is Clairton Sportsmen in SW PA.

    TM1, 34 " of course. Tight!
    Fed Papers
    Airport Gun Club hat.
    Decot HYWID glasses in Vermillion
    Nylon perforated shooting shirts. Yeah, they didn't make you sweat. MUCH!
    Bob Allen vest (I think)? Almost like Linen with fine details and real leather.
    Federal and 27 yrd pins.
    Fed paper blinders

    Hey Dysinger, check out the Bell Bottoms. You weren't the only one that had style.
    I didn't know bowling shoes made someone shoot better so I have on a pair of Adidas brand running shoes.
    The weird thing is I can't tell what yardage I'm standing on. Doesn't look like singles and I was on the 27 then so I'm thinking a practice trap and I didn't want to wait so I jumped in with some short yardage shooters.

    I must admit I liked they way he caught the empties in the air. SA400 in a Canon AE1
    If you stare at the picture you can almost smell the Feds.

    Those WERE the days!

    IMG_E6050.JPG IMG_6052.JPG
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