Briley Spectrum Extended Choke for Perazzi 1st/2nd Gen

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    Briley Spectrum extended Improved Cylinder Choke for a Perazzi 1st generation/2nd generation barrels. I say that because there's some disagreement on the correct generation. Many folks call them 1st gen, Briley calls them 2nd gen. Regardless, they fit most Perazzi MT-6 and some TM-1 shotguns. Briley considers these a custom order item, requires you to send a choke in to copy it, charges $135, and takes approximately 10-12 weeks to make. Yours for $75, shipped anywhere in the U.S.

    I accept US Postal Service Money Orders and if you're willing to pay an extra 3.5% to cover fees (or send via Friends and Family) I can do PayPal.


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