Winchester and Remington primers?

Discussion in 'Reloading Bench' started by rrisum, Nov 26, 2022.

  1. rrisum

    rrisum Mega Poster

    Been loading for 50 years using Remington then Winchester primers -- Along came covid and all I can find is Cheddite and Nobles any place I go? Been two years, what's up?
  2. Palos shooter

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    Winchester and Remington just want everyone to buy the $12 or $14 box of shells..They even try to fool us by putting 8 boxes in a flat of shells instead of the usual 10 box flat. Create a shortage and then raise the prices.It is called American Greed.Steel based shells are now called premium shells
    Vista Outdoors who owns Fedreral and Remington in my opinion is one of the scalpers. They got rid of their distributor's and want to keep all of the profit to themselves. Just like the auto makers are going to get rid of the dealerships and you can buy the cars on line.GM purged themselves of a lot of dealerships a few years ago.
  3. Ravenanme

    Ravenanme Active Member

    There's a lot of truth in that statement above so , it's best to buy / use what's available in your area !
    The whole essence of being able to shoot , these days is , availability !
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  4. Dale

    Dale Member

    I live in Grand Rapids, MI and my understanding is that Winchester and Remington primers are available. However, they're $110 per thousand.
    Good news, bad news.
    I plan on checking it out this weekend.
  5. Santafe

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    So why buy Winchester or Remington primers they haven’t been around for over two years. Remington have been way more money for the last 10 years. Cheddites are available and have been available at a much lower price, they are a good primer they adjusted their dimension to work in Remington and Winchester shells. Winchester and Vista are playing games with shooters and gouging us, I think that they will be sorry in the long run, I going so stay with cheddits because they have been here for the shooters.
  6. rrisum

    rrisum Mega Poster

    Winchester primers are back in stock. been since before covid. that my local store has had them. Just bought 10,000 -- $69.95
  7. Billy

    Billy Mega Poster

    • ? $10.000
  8. David McMillen

    David McMillen Well-Known Member

    A couple days ago I paid $640 for 10,000 Winchester 209's.
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  9. rrisum

    rrisum Mega Poster

    Old age and fat fingers -$69.00 1,000
  10. Dale

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    A few months ago I purchased 10,000 Winchester primers at $70 per thousand plus tax here in Grand Rapids, Mi.
    That should hold me for a while
  11. mission6222

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    Sports Mans Warehouse Federal 209A $60.00 per 1000
  12. Ken Cerney

    Ken Cerney HOF Muscoda Gun Club Past Wisconsin Director Founding Member HOF Muscoda Gun Club

    Before covid I was able to buy Noble Sport 209 primers wholesale for $17.80 per thousand now my cost is $50.00 per thousand. Greed is rampant on everything now. Thanks sippy cup.
  13. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    whats the magic number most people would start restocking primers?
    50? 40?
    its 68 all day here in mo.
    i just cant bring myself to doing it.

    its a kinda weird gauntlet they have us running. primers come in, powder goes out.
    lead goes up, primers go down.
    ammo is stocked, clays go up.
    i dont like being a mouse on a wheel in some business suits cage.
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  14. Jack Olson

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    Your all right, there going to screw them selves in the long run.