Trapcountry Is a Scammer

Discussion in 'Report the Bastards!' started by Rimcrew, Dec 10, 2021.

  1. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    Do NOT buy anything from this account. They are scammers, and pretty good ones.
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  2. Diesel_ss

    Diesel_ss Moderator

    I got a pm from him, selling a to good to be true kx6 special.
    Smelled fishy.
  3. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    Yeah, it was. Live and learn.
  4. bob lowman

    bob lowman Elite Poster

    They seem to try and scam you on the WTB threads
  5. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    This was a for sale add.
  6. Diesel_ss

    Diesel_ss Moderator

    He pm'd me.. I never posted a wtb post
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  7. Glenn Zimmerman

    Glenn Zimmerman Active Member

    also a scam, website is Guardian arms
  8. Flyersarebest

    Flyersarebest Moderator Founding Member Forum Leader

    Be advised

    When you search around the web you can find at least 2 Guardian Arms sites. One in ME and one in PA. The ME website looks great but when I fired up Google Earth using that address it wasn't the same picture they use on their website. Using street view you can zoom in on a sign that shows a taxidermy shop and what looks like a private driveway. That's a little weird. There are reviews online that sound great but I did see one that said the guy ordered but got ripped off. The good reviews could be plants from the owner. When you dig deeper it appears this one has changed names and owners multiple times but still uses the same phone number for 3 different stores. . Alarm bells???

    The one in PA had one review. This poor guy ordered powder back in Oct and never received it. When he tried contacting them they were MIA.

    Buyer beware!
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  9. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    I may have lost the money, but texting with these fools has been fun.

    Be careful folks, the scammers do this for a living. They have learned the shooting lingo, and how to put a buyer at ease that the transaction is legit. They even send pics as requested - I think an escrow service is in my future.
  10. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Ultra Elite Poster Founding Member

    He offered me a BT-99 but when I asked him who he was he disappeared.
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  11. turbo38gn

    turbo38gn obsessed newbie

    Yup, me too, pmed me a beautiful BT99SS .... but I had pretty much sniffed him out... Had a feeling from the get go when I saw the original price..
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  12. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    He is still an active member, so be careful. That screen name is a pure scammer.
  13. justanother99

    justanother99 Active Member Member State Hall of Fame

    As I've posted before, 99% of these scammers use a text only phone; they are unable to receive phone calls. If you can not talk to them on the phone, it's a pretty good chance it is a scam.
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  14. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    True, but not foolproof. I responded to an add on GunsAmerica and the "seller" spoke with me, and even sent pics that I requested. The deal seemed too good to be true and eventually the ad was pulled and the seller's name was gone.

    As I said, these scammers go to work just like we do, and they are learning how to be very convincing. I think asking for a pic with some random thing like a banana next to the item might help. Who knows anymore.
  15. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    Just a reminder to avoid this scammer. It took me for $1,500. Don't be me.

    What I don't understand is why this screen name is still an active member. Do the mods not step in for situations like this?
  16. Flyersarebest

    Flyersarebest Moderator Founding Member Forum Leader

    Sorry to hear you had that happen.

    Contact the Administrator "Just Joe" via a PM
  17. Rimcrew

    Rimcrew Active Member

    No worries, it was my fault. I guess I got off easy... :)

    Thanks for the tip, will PM Joe.