This is scary stuff - Biden

Discussion in 'Off Topic!' started by Fargo2, Aug 21, 2021.

  1. Fargo2

    Fargo2 Well-Known Member

    This Biden stuff scares me more than any other National Emergency in my lifetime. What are the rules here?

    Last year was the good old days?

    Who is really in charge?
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  2. Palos shooter

    Palos shooter Well-Known Member Founding Member

    The Wizard behind the curtain.Biden is looking for a brain.Dorothy can not help him,he is to far gone.
  3. Gerald

    Gerald Mega Poster Founding Member

    Never fear. Comma-La is going to Vietnam.
    Whaaaaat. ??

  4. Cavscout107

    Cavscout107 Retired Army

    In charge???......Susan Rice, Obongo, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Hildabeast, and a slew more.....Dementia Joe is in control of nothing...not even matching his socks in the morning.....Dr Jill takes care of that!
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  5. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    Joe's new name --Joe "Quisling" Biden---he should be charged with treason--just as the real QUISLING was !!!!!

    The real QUISLING was sentenced to death & executed by firing squad-IMHO he should have been dumped into a septic tank, the same for Joe & his crew--treason is treason--they do not deserve humane execution
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    THEUNLOADER Elite Poster Founding Member

    If 'Slo Joe' and 'Da Ho' have a clue---They found it on some CHINA street.
  7. greenman006

    greenman006 Active Member

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  8. Ken Cerney

    Ken Cerney HOF Muscoda Gun Club Past Wisconsin Director Founding Member HOF Muscoda Gun Club

    obama is not the head of the snake. He came up thru the ranks way too fast. He had help from others. Soros most likely.
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  9. greenman006

    greenman006 Active Member

    Yes i know about Soros funding whatever they do and all but he doesn't strike me as a leader with much initiative and capabilities. Still don't think he is the one calling the shots.
  10. Cavscout107

    Cavscout107 Retired Army

    Hildabeast and Susan Rice are calling the shots,,,,with guidance from from their puppet master Soros
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  11. Jon Reitz

    Jon Reitz Well-Known Member V I P

    George Soros
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  12. nickthanos

    nickthanos Well-Known Member

    When Bidden was sworn in, all of the villages in the world lost an idiot.
  13. 635 G

    635 G Elite Poster

    CHINA-CHINA-CHINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEUNLOADER Elite Poster Founding Member

    China new the election would be rigged, that's why they bought and paid the Biden's in advance !
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  15. Maser

    Maser ∞ Based ∞

    Biden is just the puppet for his Commie administration.

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    THEUNLOADER Elite Poster Founding Member

    Life of the party ?? No, Just another MORON of the Country Destroyers !!! JMHO.
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  17. thetruth22

    thetruth22 Member

  18. These are truly dark days for America. I worry about where we are headed.