Some photo identification needed

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    This photo is from circa 1900, taken at either a Arnolds Park, or Spirit Lake, Iowa shoot. The only individual I know for certain is Fred 'Dood' Gilbert, squarely facing the camera. I'm looking for the names of the other gentlemen.

    My suspicion is that J.A.R Elliott is on the right (Gilbert's left) and possibly Charley Budd on his left behind him. Could the man on the left of the photo be Frank Parmalee? Or maybe one of the trio is Rolla Heikes, on the far right. Photo album 21 copy.jpeg

    If you have opinions, let me know, thanks!
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    Great old photo...Definitely Gilbert, J.A.R. and Thomas Marshall on the right. Here are photo plate from 1890`s Budd and Parmelee ?...


    IMG_4170 (6).JPG

    IMG_4170 (2).JPG