RGS Gun Cleaner

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  1. nickthanos

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    RGS gun cleaner is without a doubt the Best, Fastest, and Easiest gun cleaner available. Developed by a trap shooter to cleaner the plastic out of your shotgun.

    Also works great on all small arms & black powder weapons.

    See our web site for info. rgsguncleaner.com
  2. wpt

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    I used this RGS for a number of years until I got it on one gun stock to many, it does what it is supposed to do but you better be extra careful of getting it on the wood, I wasn't careful enough one time to many ... WPT ... (YAC) ...

    Nick is a good guy to deal with and a stand up guy ...
  3. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    Yes, it will effect some stock finishes if left in contact too long. We recommend caution. Most stock finishes can handle brief contact.. Like anything else, read directions, and be careful.
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  4. Jesse O

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    If you shoot a lot and have never used a boar cleaner like this you will be amazed what comes out , this product will do what it said it will
  5. Stl Flyn

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    It's Really Good Stuff!
  6. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    To be clear, RGS does not effect most gun stock finishes if left in contact for a short time. The only exception is an oil finish stock. It will dull the finish. Do not get on oil finished stocks. I have wiped my stock down many times with the cleaner to get oil of crud off. The varnish on stocks is quit durable. It is a solvent based product. Our proprietary formula does what it is intended for. To clean the bore & trigger parts. See our web site for details. rgsguncleaner.com
  7. ljutic329

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    Smells like mineral spirits.

    Is it?
  8. wpt

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    I never said it was not good stuff, I said be careful when using it ... I still use it but only on guns where I can separate the barrels from the wood and clean them separately ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
  9. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    There is some mineral spirits in it, along with several other proprietary products to get the plastic out. Mineral spirits alone will not do the job. It took me 2 years to develop it, and another 2 to find bottles that it would not effect through trial & error. Had to go to specially treated bottles.
  10. nickthanos

    nickthanos Active Member

    Thanks for clarifying I did not think you were complaining about it. Just cautioning shooters to be careful.
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  11. My3johns

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    This stuff is amazing for plastic fouling of the barrels due to wads. Especially in 20ga. Mop is. Let it sit for 5 mins then brush and run a clean patch then done
  12. jesflorida

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    Many attempts to clean plastic residue/streaks in forcing cone down to choke area with Ed’s Red and other
    solvents still left plastics residue streaks in forcing cone thru choke area.

    Applied LGS on patches pushed thru bore slowly, then LGS on patches pushed into bore on a 10 ga bronze bore brush with a power drill rod. Viola, all plastic residue gone.

    My new procedure for cleaning plastIc residue.

    Next step is eliminate Win AA Red hulls from inventory.
  13. ljutic329

    ljutic329 Elite Poster Founding Member

    What is LGS?
  14. wpt

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    I think he was talking about RGS , Really Good Shit and it is ... WPT ... (YAC) ...
  15. ljutic329

    ljutic329 Elite Poster Founding Member

    I've bought it.

    I mix up 70/30 acetone and mineral spirits.

    Does a good job