Remington 90t choked?

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  1. Garo20

    Garo20 Member

    Just purchased a 90T that came with two barrels. Both were ported at Kohler. One barrel is full and the other is IM. I'm currently only shooting 16yds and was thinking of having choke tubes installed in one of the barrels. Looking for advice from anyone that has had this done, and where did you send it.
  2. BCB

    BCB Member

    Talk to Kolar about putting chokes in your barrel [they built them] and talk to Kohler about your toilets.
    In all honesty between the two barrels you are covered for all yardage.
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  3. John Trap

    John Trap Active Member Founding Member

    IM should work fine at 16 yards. I really don't think that you will gain anything by putting in choke tubes. Does your IM Barrel measure out to .025" constriction?
  4. Smokintom

    Smokintom Mega Poster Founding Member

    The IM barrel is really all you need for singles and handicaps. Save your money.
  5. Family Guy

    Family Guy Ultra Elite Poster Founding Member

    Keep fixed chokes.
  6. dfwip9x

    dfwip9x Active Member

    Please don't let anyone touch the barrels...
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  7. rrisum

    rrisum Elite Poster

    What you got will work for anything you want to do. Gun made it 30 year, don't mess with it.Two barrel sets with matching # are a rare bird.
  8. Smokintom

    Smokintom Mega Poster Founding Member

    If they are indeed matching numbers.
  9. Tim F

    Tim F New Member

    Will sell one of barrels looking for one mine blowup
  10. Garo20

    Garo20 Member

    They are indeed matching
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  11. Smokintom

    Smokintom Mega Poster Founding Member

    You definitely want to keep those barrels together with that gun. Just saying
  12. Keith Douglas

    Keith Douglas Member

    As most have said, don't do anything but shoot and enjoy a wonderful shotgun. It will last several lifetimes. Should something go wrong, Kolar can take care of it for you. Have fun with your new gun!! Good shooting!!
  13. Garo20

    Garo20 Member

    Looks like the consensus is kept it the way it is. That's what I'm gonna do. Thanks for all the input.
  14. Storeman

    Storeman Moderator Founding Member

    Please include a photo of your 90-T Dream Machine. Low Rib or Hi Rib ?
  15. trapshooter5

    trapshooter5 Well-Known Member

    Keep it the way it is.

    If you HAVE to get choke tubes, send to Briley for their "Thinwalls".

    Won't add weight and they know what they are doing!

    Paul in Virginia
  16. Garo20

    Garo20 Member

    68"]Please include a photo of your 90-T Dream Machine. Low Rib or Hi Rib ?[/QUOTE]
  17. Garo20

    Garo20 Member

    It's a lowRib. I have no idea how to add a picture here, sorry