Price To Reload Your Own Shells

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  1. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Ultra Elite Poster Founding Member

    1,000 reloads

    Shot @$40/bag-$120

    Wads @ $24/1,000

    Powder @ $25/lb-$75

    Primers @ $90/1,000 Federal 209 on Natchez today.

    $309/1,000 Shells

    Around $77/case of reloads at today's inflated component prices.

    New shells are going up another 8% very shortly.
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  2. Tom in PA

    Tom in PA Active Member

    Or under 70 dollars a flat if you don't mind using cheddites.
  3. Ken Jossenberger

    Ken Jossenberger Member Founding Member

    From my latest purchases -
    Qty Load Cost Shell Box Flat
    Powder 1 Lbs 20 grains $35.25 $0.1224 $3.06 $30.60
    Shot 25 Lbs 1.000 Oz $53.82 $0.1346 $3.37 $33.65
    Wads 5000Ea 1 $117.99 $0.0236 $0.59 $5.90
    Primers 2000Ea 1 $197.00 $0.0985 $2.46 $24.63
    Totals $404.06 $0.3791 $9.48 $94.77
  4. icyclefar

    icyclefar Member

    I guess it all comes down to what you pay for components. Even though almost everything I'm loading is with components bought at pre-pandemic prices here is my worksheet with pricing adjusted to what I would have to pay today.

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  5. Trucker52

    Trucker52 Member

    Ran the numbers today I'm at $74 a flat.
    20 g green dot
    1 1/8 oz.mag shot
    Claybuster wads
  6. David McMillen

    David McMillen Active Member

    My old numbers with $40 lead compared to $48 lead- West Coast.
    Powder- old price $160, new price $210- 8lb
    Primers- old price- $160, new price $200-5000
    20ga., 7/8oz load
    Old price $4.88 a box
    new price $6.02
  7. rrisum

    rrisum Mega Poster

    Just got back from a road trip hunting reloading supplies --8# red dot $335 -- clay buster wads $12.29 -- Lawernce shot $54.99 -- STS hulls 5 cents each --Primmers $50.00 thousand ---- add 5.5% sales tax -- not figuring 120 mile road trip -- loading 18.5 grain - 1 1/8 loads = $8.89 a box
  8. Tom in PA

    Tom in PA Active Member

    Ouch! Looks like you really wanted that red dot... Then again, federal top guns are 7.80 a box and winchester super targets 8.50 at wally world. At least you're getting a better shell.
  9. oleolliedawg

    oleolliedawg Ultra Elite Poster Founding Member

    My local dealer got in a whopping 3 8lbs. of Red Dot and 1 Green Dot last week. Sold for $195.
  10. Tom in PA

    Tom in PA Active Member

    It seems a little Red/Green dot have shown up in the last week or so. Not much, but some. I'm hopeful it's a sign more may come but I'm not holding my breath. At least they didn't drive the price through the roof where you found it.