Perazzi TMS Restoration

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    It has been a long road but it's finally finished and I could not be happier. It began with purchasing this gun in spring of 2016. I decided I wanted a Perazzi but wanted one I dreamed of and was still close to state of the art at a time when I started trap shooting in 1982. This gun was 5 years old back then. I decided I wanted to restore it in a fashion with a more modern twist with nicer wood and a modern fitting and recoil suppression system but still retain as much of the original look and design as possible. After searching out some of the best in restorations and repair in Canada off went the gun on it's journey. The journey ended with the completion of a RAD1a install and made it home monday afternoon less than 10 minutes before leaving for the club for our regular monday evening shooting. No time to put it on paper so I tweeked it between rounds until the old girl was inkballing targets consistently. First round was a 21x25. A few quick adjustments and back out I went breaking 24x25 and in nice boiling black balls followed by another round of 25x25. At that point I called it an evening on a good note and headed to the skeet field to pull targets and mentor a squad of new shooters. I can't wait to get back out for thursday evenings shooting and run a few more rounds through her. I really love the older Perazzi's and like shooting the old style stepped rib guns better than todays guns. There is just something about using the guns I grew up around that really appeals to me. I have a 1971 MX8 that is about half completed currently and am trying to acquire an MT6 owned by a friend for the past 35 years that hasn't been shot since the early 90' has 29.5" barrels with the same screw chokes as my TMS and the same striped receiver. It would make an awesome match to my TMS for a doubles gun. It was ordered new with two stocks, a skeet and a trap.

    1977 Perazzi Ithica Import TMS, 34" bbl, 4 factory first generation screw chokes, stock is a factory take off from a TM9 in SC2 grade and the forend was a custom built unit by the same fellow who did the stock fitting, refinishing, recheckering and re-blued the metal.

    IMG_5575.jpg IMG_5576.jpg IMG_5582.jpg IMG_5583.jpg IMG_5584.jpg
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    Beautiful gun, I am not a fan of choke tubes so my opinion other than that perfect ... Shoot it well and enjoy it .... WPT ... (YAC) ...
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    That's a nice gun, they looks great
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