oldest operating club in usa

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  1. bobski

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    scanning some other forums on the www, i saw where its believed that forest city gc 1883 and newport rifle club 1874 are the oldest operating clubs in the usa.
    anyone here challenge those claims with proof?
  2. Mike Battista

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    South End gun club in Reading, PA 1886, I believe.
    Mike battista
  3. 635 G

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    According to their website Forest City GC founded in 1883, is the oldest club
  4. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    what year did trap come to usa?
  5. Trap3

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    History Buff`s research refers to Trapshooting in the U.S. mid 1840`s....

    Here is an example of earliest known Programme... Ligowsky Clay Pigeon Tournament 1884 Metropolitan Base Ball Park, NY.


    IMG_4276 (2).JPG
  6. bobski

    bobski USN Retired Range Owner

    so it would appear forest city is truly the oldest unless newport rifle club has a trap or skeet field.
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  7. Shawsheen

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    This is another club to claim this in Massachusetts