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  1. bbblackhills

    bbblackhills Active Member Founding Member

    My Setters locked on to a couple bobwhites! FB_IMG_1481167947355.jpg
  2. plaw

    plaw Mega Poster

    That was always half the hunt , watching dogs locked up on a good point.
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  3. Rob Greenside

    Rob Greenside Mega Poster

    Really cool. I hunted with a friend back in '80's, and he had 4 setters, and hunted a brace at a time. Only times I had opportunity to hunt over setters. Beautiful dogs. What state do you hunt quail in? Just curious. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Mallard Cutter

    Mallard Cutter Active Member

    Beautiful dogs !!!
  5. greenman006

    greenman006 Active Member

    They make nice hunting dogs.
  6. Dobyns

    Dobyns Well-Known Member

    These look like Berg Brothers setters.
  7. bbblackhills

    bbblackhills Active Member Founding Member

    Although I understand that Berg Bros Setters are good dogs, these are a mix of older dogs from many different bloodlines. Currently, I have a couple of males from the Shadow Oak Bo bloodline. Great young dogs.
  8. Dakota2

    Dakota2 Active Member

    Beautiful dogs. I have four October setters. Love my setters,