Looking for a doubles gun...Found one

Discussion in 'For Sale-Wanted to Buy' started by jamesbalog, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. jamesbalog

    jamesbalog Mega Poster

    Ill be purchasing a doubles gun at some point between now and when the ATA shoots start happening here in northern ohio. Im not in a huge rush but want to see whats out there, I am a serious buyer if i see the right gun.

    Mainly looking at Perazzi, Krieghoff or maybe a Blaser. I may consider others. Im NOT looking for a 725/XT, 682, or a Fabarm. May also consider a combo gun if the deal is right.

    Gun needs to be right handed or at least Neutral with adjustable comb and pad.

    I would prefer 32" barrels with fixed chokes somewhere around .20 and.30 but different constrictions or tubes isnt a deal breaker.

    let me know what you have
  2. jamesbalog

    jamesbalog Mega Poster

    Pull triggers are also required (Although I can deal with a release if its a P gun)
  3. Sgoose

    Sgoose Mega Poster Founding Member

    PM sent
  4. Eric Mirosavich

    Eric Mirosavich Active Member

    You interested in that gun I posted awhile back?

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  5. jamesbalog

    jamesbalog Mega Poster

    Yep that’ll do it.

    gun has been found
  6. Jim Reid

    Jim Reid Member

    I have a Krieghoff 32 for sale.
  7. A26A

    A26A Mega Poster Founding Member

    Jim Reid. I'm a real buyer of t rap guns... I'll send you a pm with my phone
  8. bossbasl

    bossbasl Active Member

    Krieghoff M32 32" M/F Vandalia Rib barrels with no modifications, extremely low round count receiver (in safe for years), gorgeous Dockwiller Crown Grade wood set, 70/30 POI for me. 95%+ original metal and wood finish. Great price for a life time beautiful hard to find shotgun.